Make your Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer! - Tips and Tricks

These are basic simple steps that may help increase the life of your Hearing Aid Batteries.

  • 5 Minutes Rule - After removing the tab sticker, let it stay and breath for 5 Minutes. When tab sticker is removed, it takes time for Air to reach the chemicals inside the battery and allows battery to be activated.

  • Open The Battery Door - When Hearing Aids are not in use, usually during night time while sleeping, Open the Battery Door of Hearing Aids. This helps prevent unwanted discharge of battery when not in use.

  • Store Them Right - Hearing Aid Batteries are sensitive to heat and humidity and can cause reduced life as well as swelling or leakage. Avoid storing under direct sunlight and in open spaces. Ideal temperature to store batteries is between 10°C to 25°C in an air tight container. Do not refrigerate.

  • Carry Them Properly - Hearing Aid Batteries can suddenly drop voltage due to its nature when completely drained, so its important to carry batteries along. Use proper small containers to carry batteries. Do not carry them in the pocket, It may cause tab to be removed and activate batteries or may short circuit due to any metal like keys or credit cards.

  • Tab Sticker Stays - Remove Tab Stickers only when using new battery for Hearing Aids. Do not remove the Tab Sticker before storing the batteries. Removing Tab will activate the batteries and can lose power in-spite of not in use.

  • Wash Your Hands - Thoroughly wash and dry your hands before touching and inserting new batteries. Dirt or Glue can cause disturbance in current flow and may not cause batteries to be used at optimum level.

  • De-Humidify - Use a De-Humidifier to store Hearing Aids with battery door open. Desiccants (Silica Gel) inside de-humidifier helps retain moisture and humidity. This helps avoiding any damage or corrosion to both, Hearing Aids and Batteries

  • No Use for Long Time? - Remove batteries when you won't be using Hearing Aids for extended period of time. This can help avoiding risk of damaging Hearing Aids due to leakage from batteries.